Imagine winter being
lit up by hundreds of
used plastic water bottles
with LED lamps inside.




We will be creating a
magical blue waterfall with
recycled bottles at Delta
Park, right at King and Main



Plastic bottles create a cascade of problems. According to The Council of Canadians, they lead to water shortages, contribute to climate change and pile up in our landfills, environment and waterways. All of this without even being any safer than our tap water!

Now it’s time to use beauty and community engagement to highlight this issue in Hamilton, the City of Waterfalls.

+ Where

Delta Park 1100 Main Street East at King & Main

The illuminated bottles will be displayed like a waterfall running from East to West.




A pyramid structure will be built using scaffolding.







The plastic bottles will
receive a cord with LED





Many bottles together will simulate running water.







deLight was created during the 2015 Neighourhood Leadership Institute and had its successful debut in February 2016 with the Chinese Lantern installation at the Pipeline Trail in Crown Point.

Now, under the banner of The Hamilton Dialogues, a not-for-profit organization, deLight is being powered by the energy and talent of a core group of volunteers: Ingrid Mayrhofer, Fatima Mesquita, Chris Parkinson, Douglas Petican, Ute Schmid-Jones, Elizabeth Seidl, and Magdalena Wierzbicka.

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