Donna Akrey

The Last Icebergs

Installation with silicone, wood, ice, 2020

For this exhibition Akrey’s work seeks to raise awareness about the urgency of climate change. In her piece, The Last Icebergs, she points out that the customary landscape representation of the north has shifted and no longer conveys any romantic or idealistic connotation. She presents an interactive installation, which consists of cast iceberg shapes, corralled in stanchions, including signage, to indicate they are a sight to behold in the manner of an item in a natural history museum. The interactive side of the work consists in inviting the audience to make their own iceberg with a casting apparatus, a rubber mold secured to a small wooden stand. As “a maker of things, teacher of things and researcher of things,” Akrey lays out the assemblage of fake icebergs, as things shaped and to be shaped. They are meant to represent specimens of a precious resource in danger of extinction.

Donna Akrey (Artist Facilitator) holds a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal and received her MFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax. Her work has been exhibited extensively across Canada, including the 2018 Hamilton Now: Object at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the 2016 Supercrawl, Gallery 101 (Ottawa), Rodman Hall (St Catharines). As a member of (F)NOR Collective Akrey participated in the Triennial of Contemporary Art at the Art Gallery of Windsor and a number of exhibitions at Hamilton Artists Inc where she is a co-founder of New Committee.Akrey uses an interdisciplinary approach to articulate ideas to create large installations and sculptural objects, single channel video, video installation, performance and book works. From Toronto originally, Akrey has lived all over Canada. She currently lives in Hamilton and teaches at Brock University in the Visual Art department.