Edgardo Moreno


Video/audio projection, 5 min loop, 2020.

Edgardo Moreno’s video installation “Melt” is projected in snow and responds to the climate of rapidly changing Steeltown. His interest consists in exploring and recording traces of the fresh water supply that is now covered by the paved pipeline path. Moreno aims to map the unusual, the unobserved and the discarded through the collection of current and historical images of the area. He creates a contemplative and delicate composition about the critical and convoluted relationship we have to the environment. On the one hand, he connects viewers to histories of the trail and the issue of access to fresh clean water as a human right. On the other hand, he raises awareness about the urgency of climate change. In this piece, taking a minimalistic approach to artmaking, Moreno conjures up dream-like images and sounds of melting glaciers and rising waters, which he samples, splices and dices in vibrations of light and sound that are then intertwined with unnoticed events in the everyday life of the footpath.

Born in Santiago, Chile, Edgardo Moreno is a Hamilton based composer who specializes in film scores as well as contemporary dance and theatre sound design. Moreno has created and produced music for CBC, CITY TV, BRAVO, as well as for the feature length documentaries ‘El Contrato’ and ‘Six Miles Deep’ NFB, ‘Doctors With Borders’, ‘Shift Focus’ OMNI, Hitler’s Canadians (History Channel), Chichester’s Choice (TVO), Under Rich Earth. His recent video project, “Geography of Nowhere”, premiered in Toronto at Alucine Latin Film and Media Arts Festival. Together with Dave Gould, Edgardo Moreno organizes the annual Corktown Winter Solstice Festival. Link to https://edgardomoreno.bandcamp.com/album/melt on your cellphone for sound